Google Season of Docs 2019 Report

Project Name

The Project Name was “Reference for Command Line Options in scancode-toolkit and Reorganize the structure of AboutCode documentation at”

About Me

Name - Ayan Sinha Mahapatra
Country : India
Links :

Project Overview

  1. Restructured Documentation hosted at ReadTheDocs: Outdated Documentation from GitHub Wikis was updated, improved and converted to .RST, to be hosted at

  2. Documentation Tests and Roadmaps: Documentation tests were added to check Documentation Builds, Internal/External Links, and Style Standards. These tests were added in both aboutcode and scancode-toolkit and already existing/new documentation was made compliant of these tests.

  3. Command Line Options Referance: The entire Command Line Options were listed, explained, and their application elaborated from scratch. This is the main goal and the most important addition to the scancode-toolkit documentation.

  4. Migration of Scancode-Toolkit docs into its own Repository: After adding the scancode toolkit docs to aboutcode and reviews, this section was migrated to its own repository, to be distributed with scancode-toolkit and with local builds enabled.

  5. [WIP] Improve/Add to Existing Tutorials/How-Tos: Added two major Tutorials and other Tutorials/How-Tos were also updated to be consistent with the latest scancode versions and more Tutorials/How-Tos can be added later to better help the users.

  6. [WIP] Add Plugin Support: A cookiecutter based plugin creation system has to be added, and relevant docs for this process and for the plugin architecture has to be added.

  7. [WIP] Solve Other Documentation Issues: Solving multiple issues listed under the tag “Documentation”.

Pull Requests

PRs before GSoD Started @ nexB/aboutcode

  • [#17] Adds Travis-CI for sphinx-build and linkcheck

  • [#15] Adds Documentation from Wiki

  • [#13] Adds GitHub wiki of Scancode-Toolkit and Scancode-Workbench

GSoD PRs @ nexB/scancode-toolkit

  • [#1784] Add Travis CI Test For Docs

  • [#1827] Add New Issue and Pull Request Templates

  • [#1812] Add Documentation from Aboutcode

  • [WIP] Add Cookiecutter Plugin and Plugin Docs

  • [WIP] [#1847] Fix remaining documentation Issues

GSoD PRs @ nexB/aboutcode

  • [#26] Adds Documentation Versioning, Command Line Options, Changelog

  • [#27] CLI Options Reference for v3.1.1

  • [#29] Update Docs with changes in Wiki

  • [#30] Add doc8 style checks to Travis-CI

  • [#31] Fix template error

  • [#33] Add final Changes/Improvements before Migrating

  • [#34] Delete scancode-toolkit documentation

  • [#35] Add GSoD 2019 Report


I would like to thank Dennis Clark, Philippe Ombredanne and Steven Esser for their help throughout my GSoD project, from helping me prepare my proposal and project to constructive criticism, nit-picky reviews, conference calls to discuss project roadmaps and to explain to me when I was stuck in any problem. Their support and positivity helped me through this project and made me enjoy every bit of it.